The origami is an art so ancient and traditional, as still widespread and practiced. Making origami consists in using sheets of paper and cardboard , white or colored, to create small figures like animals , objects or people. T

Origami is an ancient art born in Japan

Chinese developed a new material for writing. Literally, the word “origami” means “folded paper” and consists precisely in the fact of being able to create, through different folds , shapes that reproduce animals, flowers and objects of the most different kind . In this guide I will show you how to make a giraffe with origami , a small animal that can show off in the children’s room .


A quick review to give the right historical value to this art called origami that is translated from the Japanese “fold paper”. Thanks to this art it is possible to create an infinite variety of very complicated models. Everyone can customize his origami using a sheet of different size and color, the important thing is that they are square in shape. This technique is linked to the Japanese religion in fact the word paper and the words are pronounced in the same way (Kami). Early origami were used to delimit the sacred places and consisted of strips of paper rolled around a wooden stick.

We recommend that you follow the directions written with the video that we have linked. Take the sheet that must be square in shape. Try not to use big cards because folding them will easily ruin. Fold the sheet in half creating a rectangle and then again in half creating a square.



To do the work you can not use any card, but you have to use a special origami paper, smooth and without pads (not to risk getting too stiff and unsightly earrings). You can buy paper and hooks at a decoupage shop.


The art of creating objects with paper, better known as “origami”, is certainly one of the favorite pastimes among people. Being able to give shape to one’s own idea or to one’s own design, simply using a piece of paper, is one of the most brilliant things that can exist in terms of playful activity . With the art of origami, it is possible to build a lot of objects, especially animals, ranging from amphibians to birds. With a little patience and curiosity , you too can give life to your favorite origami creation. In the following steps, it will be explained how to create a goose with the card, illustrating, in the smallest details, which are the main steps that determine this process. So let’s see how to proceed.